Top Tips from Brides and Grooms

1) Take a few day off work before the indian wedding day, so you are not thinking of too many things and getting stressed. Also you will feel refreshed and will show in your relaxed wedding photos.

2) Try not to control everything or you’ll end up in tears. Ask someone who you trust to be the organiser so you can enjoy your wedding day.

3) Do your homework, learn and read about the indian wedding ceremony. Ask your mum about any special rituals. The moto is ‘be prepared’, so you know what to expect and can enjoy the indian wedding ceremony.

4) Savour the moment – it all happens so fast! Only when you see what your wedding photographer captured and your indian wedding videographers filmed that you realise how much went on on the wedding day.

5) These are the best days of your life so enjoy the moment. You’ll wish these few days last forever.

6) Make as much time as possible to spend with your family. Have fun and enjoy every moment as time will fly by and your wedding day will be over before your know it.

7) Stay away from the politics, it can spoil your wedding.

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