Must Have Pictures for your Wedding Album

Below is a list of crucial pictures that will ensure that all the important occasions are covered on your wedding day.

The key lies in the planning your wedding day photography and trusting with your Indian Wedding Photographer. The more time you spend working with and talking to your wedding photographer, the happier you will be with your wedding album.

Here is my photography guide for your wedding day pictures.

1. Bride getting ready, and make-up
2. Bride in her indian wedding dress
3. Bride portraits before the ceremony
4. Bride with Parents
5. Groom getting ready (if required)
6. Groom portraits
7. Groom with Parents

1. Guests outside the venue
2. Greeting rituals between the two families
3. Groom getting out of the car
4. Start of the wedding ceremony with the Groom invited into the Mandap
5. Bride’s arrival
6. Exchanging the Garlands
7. Ring Ceremony (if occuring)
8. Wedding Ceremony
9. Group photos of family and wedding guests
10. Couple portrait around the wedding venue
11. Bride & Groom leaving
12. Bride & Groom getting into the car

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